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Paedicatrican-approved and loved by the world.

Welcome to Swimava. A first in South Africa.

As used in hydrotherapy pools and baby spas, Swimava is NRCS approved and offers patented,  baby floats and water products that were born in the UK. Swimava is trusted by millions of moms around the world for its many physical, emotional and developmental benefits. Great for bath time, pool time and play time, Swimava gives babies the love of water from as little as 3 months old and allows them to be active, before they can even walk or crawl.

Our water products are BPA and Phthalate Free and have met and exceeded the safety standards from international labs such as SGS and Intertek.


Take a look at all the benefits here.

 ** Safety First! Never leave your infant unattended in or near water and always keep within arms reach.

Endorsed by Chiropractor - Dr Jeanette Else.
Approved by local and global Chiropractors
Swimava meets the psychical, chemical and safety standards of USA , Europe, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada.
Tips award-winning product
BPA & Phthalate Free

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Baby Float - Berry (3-18 months)
Baby Float - Blue Duckie (3-18months)
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Body Ring - Cherry (12 months+)
Body Ring - Duckie (12 months+)
Swim Diaper - Apple
Swim Diaper - Blue Duckie
Swim Diaper - Train
Swim Seat - Duck (6months+)
Premium Set - Train
Premium Set - Berry
Premium Set - Yellow Duckie
Premium Set - Yellow Duckie
R 550.00 R 590.00
Premium Set - Apple
For more swim goodies for kids click the link below.
Swim Tots
For more swim goodies for children, click the link below.
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For more swim goodies for kids
Swimava improves sleep in babies

Swimava improves sleep in babies

Research shows that hydrotherapy in warm water can be a simple, effective method for reducing discomfort such as colic and improving sleep quality.  
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